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Many of us have kids entering spring break this week. I know that many families are choosing to self isolate and practice social distancing with the uncertainty of coronavirus surrounding us. This is especially difficult as many of us spend countless hours trying to fill spring break with vacations, playdates, activities and camps mostly occurring out of the house to keep the kids busy, happy and entertained. With so many cancellations families are finding themselves disappointed and anxious with “nothing to do.” 

Activities for kids at home:

  1. Plan a garden. Perhaps you have supplies already and can even get started on planting some seeds, but if you don’t and can’t make it to a garden store, map out and research plants that will do well in your area and climate, where they will go, and the months in which what you plant will be ready to eat. Getting the whole family involved in planting your own food can be challenging and fun!
  2. Craft time! Put all those craft supplies that are kicking around the house to good use. Rock painting, Easter ornaments, finger painting, popsicle stick airplanes, toilet paper roll binoculars, string art, paper bead necklaces, homemade play doh or slime- the possibilities are endless.
  3. Reading challenge- Start a friendly competition to see who can read the most books in your household.
  4. Game night- Dust off the Monopoly and Connect Four and play some games! Sometimes life gets so busy we forget how fun it can be to sit down and play some games together.
  5. Scavenger Hunt- Get creative and set up a scavenger hunt for your littles with clues and basic household items.
  6. Build a fort- Make your best living room fort and maybe even sleep in it! Pretend you are camping out and use flashlights and have a picnic on your fort floor.
  7. Movie marathon- Maybe it’s time to round up the classics and show your kids why The Goonies and Harry and the Hendersons made your childhood happy!
  8. Utilize your yard! Let them run around and use their imaginations. Mud pies, digging up worms, all the good stuff!
  9. Go for walks. Explore your neighbourhood and try and notice one new thing every block you pass that you have never noticed before.
  10. Have a dance party. Blast the tunes and dance it out. Who doesn’t feel good after a dance party?
  11. Butcher paper- cover an entire wall in it and let your tiny Picasso go wild, something new and different will seem exciting to them.
  12. Baking- whipping up a batch of cookies and having the kids help can (possibly) be a fun activity.
  13. Make a race car track out of electrical tape on your floor so your kids can drive and race their cars through them. This would work for indoor hopscotch too!
  14. Balloon ping pong- Attach two paper plates to empty paper towel rolls and blow up a balloon. Voila! Indoor ping pong.
  15. Hang a target from your ceiling and make paper airplanes to fly through it. 
  16. Create an obstacle course and host the Olympics in your living room. Use laundry baskets, bean bags, paper towel rolls, tie a string to two chairs to crawl under, and let the time trials begin!
  17. Make a dollhouse and furniture for it out of old cardboard boxes. Use old clothes to make curtains and accessories.

 I saw this today and thought it was very fitting:

Music- not cancelled

Family- not cancelled

Reading- not cancelled

Singing- not cancelled

Laughing- not cancelled

Getting Outdoors- not cancelled

Hope- not cancelled

Let’s embrace what we have. The silver lining in this is the ability to spend more time with those we cherish and make some amazing memories! Stay safe and let’s do our part to take care of each other.